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Dining & Cuisine

"We all feel so lucky our grandmother is being so well looked after."
(Resident’s grandchildren 05/06/2014)

Manton Hall is well known for its wonderful restaurant reputation. Our two cooks' culinary skills translate into delicious gourmet meals every day of the week. We offer a varied, nutritious and fresh menu providing a selection of dishes, according to residents' preferences. Requests for seconds and even thirds, is quite expected, and not just for dessert!

Meals are served in our elegant restaurant style dining room and are always appetising and well presented. Residents may dine in their own rooms if they wish and can expect their meal to be hot, tasty and beautifully served. Assistance is always on hand at mealtimes for those who require it. Visitors are welcome to join us for meals and we are happy to incorporate new suggestions into our menu.

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